Savannah Boudoir, Glamour, & Pin Up Photography

Welcome to Savannah Glamour! Our luxury portrait experience located in Savannah exists to help you feel beautiful with quality makeup & hair styling, and the most glamourous boudoir photography, glamour shots, or pin up photography of your dreams!

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Savannah Glamour is my dream come true. It’s that simple. I absolutely love what I get to do everyday. Working with women in the most beautiful backdrops Savannah has to offer. Playing dress up with glitzy, amazing gowns, jewelry, and shoes. What woman doesn’t dream of playing dress up every day for a living?

But Savannah Glamour is so much more than that to me. It is a place to help women see themselves in a different, gentler light. I feel as though women are too hard on themselves on a day to day basis, and the Savannah Glamour experience is meant to set aside a day to re-organize your priorities. To treat yourself, and turn all the love you give to the world around for just one day, and give yourself that same love.

My favorite part about Savannah Glamour is the fact that almost every past client does not love just the Savannah Glamour experience, they love the Megan Jones experience. I am always touched when that happens. This is not just a business, it is my business, and my dream come true. I am able to bring my dream to light in every session, and create beautiful memories and portraits and products that you will then cherish for a lifetime. That is the true gift of Savannah Glamour. The beauty of you that we get to create together!