Savannah Boudoir, Glamour, & Pin Up Photography

Welcome to Savannah Glamour! Our luxury portrait experience located in Savannah exists to help you feel beautiful with quality makeup & hair styling, and the most glamourous boudoir photography, glamour shots, or pin up photography of your dreams!

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  • I don’t know if there is such a thing as perfect clients, but Katie and Sue are pretty close. Katie had seen some recent mother/daughter work I had done, and decided to bring her own mother to Savannah to ce...

  • This blog post has been a long time coming! Harmony is my assistant here at Savannah Glamour. A lot of my clients have met and worked with her here in the studio, and all over downtown Savannah. When Harmony gradu...

  • I officially launched Savannah Glamour in January 2017. It has only been six months, but I have never done something more wonderful and meaningful in my life. Savannah Glamour just makes perfect sense, and I am am...

About a year ago, I sat down and asked myself, what do you really want to do with your life? If you could choose any path to take, what would it be? On that day, I started formulating a plan, and now, that plan has become realized as Savannah Glamour!

Savannah Glamour is a portrait studio that focuses on women, all women, and making them look and feel their best, and then capturing that through expert photography. Each session comes with professional hair and makeup, a full couture closet with lots of gowns, pinup styles, and boudoir looks to choose from! The Savannah Glamour experience is one you won’t soon forget, leaving you with products you will love forever! Let me show you yourself in the best possible way, a photo shoot that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!!