Take a peek at some of my reviews for the Savannah Glamour portrait experience! If you’d like to see all my incredible and humbling reviews, just go take a peek at the Savannah Glamour google+ page (Just google “Savannah Glamour”) In the mean time, here are some of my favorites!

“A session at Savannah Glamour is truly an amazing experience and something every woman should experience. From the moment I contacted Megan she was kind, professional and passionate about her work. She is an artist behind the camera, but it’s her ability to make you feel comfortable and beautiful that makes Savannah Glamour something special! I couldn’t be happier with my photos!” -April


“Megan is an absolute joy to work with! I decided to do a boudoir style photoshoot and went in being quite nervous. She is so easy going and reassuring though that it made the whole experience really fun! She guides you the entire way, so for those of us who are more goofy than “sexy” don’t fret – she’s a pro at positioning you in the most flattering way. I LOVE the photo album that they all came in, absolutely gorgeous! Thank you, Megan for your professionalism and friendliness – ingredients for success.” -Amelia


“I was so nervous when I started my pin-up shoot but Megan made me comfortable, knew exactly what to do and I had an absolute blast at my shoot. I don’t usually care for pictures of myself but was absolutely blown away at how beautiful my photos turned out! I can’t wait to surprise my husband! Thank you Megan, we need to do this again!!” -Jenny


‘”I stepped in to this amazing studio after work on a Tuesday and was a bit overwhelmed. The view, the high end finishes, it was all so much. I felt as if I didn’t really deserve to be here. A wife and mom of three, my life is pretty much dedicated to taking care of others. What was I doing? Having a glamour photo shoot – Indeed!
But Megan, Harmony and Shea instantly put me at ease. I excitedly browsed the stunning dresses in the closet and with Megan’s help, found several that I knew I just had to wear!
Then with a glass of wine in hand, I climbed up in to the make up chair and watched the boats travel up and down the Savannah River. 30 minutes or so later, I turned around an WOW! Hair, makeup…I felt absolutely beautiful!
The photo session lasted about 3 hours as Megan drove me around to some of the most memorable and special places in Savannah. She was patient and kind. She has an eye for lighting and posing her subject that is rare. Once she even stopped the car excitedly saying “Get out! Run to that light” – and that was one of the most special shots of the day. I left that night feeling like an absolute Princess and was so eager to see the photographs that Megan had captured.
Well, I’ve just left my reveal and I’m beyond thrilled. There is an energy that Megan gives that you cannot help but to embrace and reflect back to the camera. I maxxed out by budget and bought everything I could. I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life, as I know my family and friends will as well. Thank you, Megan Jones. You are one of Savannah’s treasures.” -Kelley


“Girl, you need to RUN– not walk to Savannah Glamour to have a session with Megan! Her talent and professionalism shine beautifully through every step of the process from booking to shoot to reveal. From the moment you talk to her she puts you at ease and makes you feel like a bonafide princess.

As someone who has dealt with a lifetime full of body image issues, the thought of getting photos taken of just ME was a little daunting. I chose to take the plunge after celebrating (and having some anxiety about) a recent “milestone” birthday to prove to myself that I can feel beautiful at ANY age. I thought I’d have a few nice pictures of myself to take home but was sure I’d find something I didn’t like about the way I look in most pictures…

Well, let me tell you– I was DEAD WRONG. During my reveal I found myself smiling ear to ear and thinking “wow, I look gorgeous!” Every picture Megan showed me was more beautiful than the last. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Megan is incredible. She took a woman who was goofy, anxious about getting older, and super awkward and somehow turned her into a goddess. It’s magic, I tell you! I am SO grateful for the opportunity to have had Megan take my photos and I will cherish them forever. I can’t even put into words what an incredible confidence inspiring experience this has been. I feel like I can truly tackle my thirties with grace, ferocity, and a WHOLE lot of glamour!

Looking forward to a Pinup and Boudoir shoot some day as well. Consider me Savannah Glamour addicted!”  -Megan


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